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The energy strategy adjustment “the fishing light supplementary " the project wind unboiled water gets up

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       West the river the province Yi County 70 megawatts “the fishing light supplementary” the light bent down the power plant project already to carry on, this project use minute suitable power plant's 2143 Chinese acres abandoned the ash dam, the total investment 600,000,000 Yuan, at present has completed 5 megawatts light to bend down the solar energy installment. In recent years, along with the national energy strategy's adjustment, our country energy must walk the technology content high, the resource consumes, the environmental pollution lowly few, the economic efficiencies good, has the safeguard development path securely, implemented saves the development, the clean development and the secure development.

 Last year “the fishing light supplementary” the solar energy project it may be said was the wind unboiled water gets up, from the Northeast Liaoning Province Faku County using the water surface, the interior shallow seas and tidelands, the pit pond water surface constructed the total installed capacity to amount to 300,000 kilowatts, above the total investment 2,500,000,000 Yuan, the design year generated electricity 420,000,000 kwh, the annual production 400,000,000 Yuan large-scale fishing light supplementary light bends down the power plant, bent down the power plant to Central China Hubei Province Tianmen Chen Lake industry garden ecological agriculture model district total investment 2,400,000,300 MW light, again to the southeast Jiangxi Poyang 20 megawatts “fishing light supplementary” solar energy project, Anhui Wuhu Fanchang County Pingpu Town 60 megawatts “fishing light supplementary” solar energy project run. At present, our country “the fishing light supplementary” the centralism in Jiangsu, Zhejiang Province, in which Ningxia, Hubei, Anhui, Liaoning also has the distribution.

 “the fishing light supplementary” the project common light bends down the item design construction difficulty to be big, in this category of project implementation process, to guarantee that the project the mass and the quality, adopt the introduction third party examination organization generally the participation, is “the fishing light supplementary” the project provides the following guarantee, generally by: The certification, the examination, the examination, the analysis, the jail make and so on "one-stop" work style services are the foundation, the Ingle light bend down the examination core to contrast this category of project the examination to have the rich experience, the technology have achieved domestically are in the lead.

 Middle and lower reaches Yangtze River the zone lake concentrates crowded, in the past several years, above the fish pond, the shallow seas and tidelands established the distributional light to bend down the power station, this form, on the one hand did not like light regarding some characteristic fish, the shrimp crab's class cultivation does not affect, on the other hand the water surface light bent down the temperature and ventilated the condition to be very also superior, is advantageous bends down the module in the light to enhance the power rate.

 As early as in the agriculture civilization prosperous time, Chinese's ancestor invented “the mulberry base fish pond” one kind through the sump fish pond, the barrier height base field, the pond base has planted the mulberry, in the pond breeds fish. After the simple transformation, causes the same land to deliver the multiplication. Today, passes through the industrial age, “fishing light supplementary” the model is manifesting the human and the nature similarly coexists harmoniously, this kind of model forms “above generates electricity, below breeds fish” “one resource, two industries” the intensive development model, cannot take the agriculture, the industry and the housing land, enhanced the unit area land economic value greatly, has implemented the social efficiency, the economic efficiency and the conditions benefit wins.

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