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     Bo liang hebei international trade Co.,ltd is a subsidiary of Bright&Universal Technology Co., Ltd., is a set of new energy field research and development, production, sales, promotion in one of the science and technology enterprises, located in China electricity Valley city Baoding. The company based on the photovoltaic industry, with a complete inverter research and development, production, brand operations, sales and other departments, the main photovoltaic project development, system construction, equipment supply, financing services.

     The always put the credibility, quality, service in the first place, to excellence, and constantly go beyond the purpose of the pursuit of the ultimate spirit of origin as a guide for users to create a safe, stable and efficient photovoltaic system for users to create the most value. Over the years, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience in the installation of photovoltaic systems for the promotion and application of photovoltaic power generation into a steady stream of power.


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Take serves as this, insists honestly honest
Take the innovation as a source, meets the client need
2016 International Solar Industry and Photovoltaic (Shanghai) Exhibition "
Take serves as this, insists honestly honest
Take the innovation as a source, meets the client need

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  • Jul
    Bright&Universal: Innovation gene lead the trip of chasing the sun

    Original article as follows: May 31, at the Fourth China (Beijing) International Service Trade Fair, Bright&Universal successfully signed new town of Fangshan District of Beijing town Hancun new energy smart microgrid demonstration project. The signing of the project, the new solar photovoltaic system marks Bright&Universal developed successfully opened a new town market wisdom. Through continuous innovation, Bright&Unversal has succefully transferred to an innovative enterprises from an engineering service company. As the grid connected photovoltaic power generation industry chain providers to get the State Intellectual Property Office issued by the solar power system patent certificate and photovoltaic grid connected power system patent certificate. Currently,&Universal developed a new photovoltaic investment patterns become market "meat and potatoes."

  • Jun
    Attend to the 2016 Shanghai Photovoltaic Exhibition

    May 24,2016—May26, 2016, Bright &Universal Technology Co., Ltd bring its subsidiary, “Shenzhen Bright & Universal Tian an Technology Co., Ltd” attend the 2016 International Solar Industry and Photovoltaic (Shanghai) Exhibition ", a comprehensive display of a new type of inverter the company developed, while it carry out the investment projects, brand investment and many other businesses, but also a great debut at the show one by one.

  • Apr
    The energy strategy adjustment “the fishing light supplementary " the project wind unboiled water gets up

    Along with the national energy strategy's adjustment, our country energy must walk the technology content high, the resource consumes, the environmental pollution lowly few, the economic efficiencies good, has the safeguard development path securely, implements saves the development, the clean development and the secure development

  • Jul
    June 24th, Bright&Universal Households Investment Promotion

    June 24th, Bright&Universal Households Investment Promotion was grand held in Bright &Universal Industrial Park in Baoding, and has achieved a great success. Bright&Universal located in Gyeonggi powerhouse the acient city Baoding. Since its establishment, adhering to the "integrity heavy righteousness, innovation and excellence, service, communication, cooperation and win-win" fine service to create value "of the enterprise purpose, to provide quality services for the users of photovoltaic, lead PV industry sustained and healthy development.

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